Tung Family Set
  1. Yu Pei Shih – Preparatory Position (Turn & Stand Sideways)
  2. Lan Ch’ieh I – Grasp And Tuck In The Gown (Fast)
  3. Tan Pien – Single Whip (Fast/Slow with Style Alteration)
  4. Ho Chin – Closing Energy (Slow)
  5. Hsien Ho Chang Ch’ih – Divine Crane Spreads Its Wings (Slow)
  6. T’o P’ip’a – Holding The Pipa (Slow)
  7. Ch’uan P’ip’a – Turning The Pipa (Slow)
  8. Lieh Chang – Splitting Palm (Fast)
  9. T’iao Pu Pan Lan Ch’ui – Jumping And Punch Down (Fast)
  10. Lien Huan Yüan Feng Pi – Circle And Seal Continuously (Fast)
  11. Pao Hu Hui Shan Tung – Leopard And Tiger Return To The Caves (Fast)
  12. Ts’o Chang Po Chi Shi – Winnowing Movement (Fast))
  13. Chih T’ui Shan Chan – Dodging Forward And Backward (Slow)
  14. Ta P’eng T’eng K’ung – Big Rock Elevates In The Air (Slow)
  15. Chuang Lei Ch’ui – Punch Ribs With Hammer (Fast)
  16. Pai Yüan Shan Shen – White Ape Dodges Away (Fast)
  17. Feng Huang Hsieh Chan Ch’ih – Phoenix Spreads Its Wings Slantingly (Fast)
  18. Pan Lan Ch’ui – Grab And Punch (Fast)
  19. Fan Shen Pan An Ch’ui – Turn Back And Press With Fist (Fast)
  20. Chin Pu Lan Ts’o I – Step Forward, Grab And Repress The Gown (Fast)
  21. Lien Huan Shih – Continual Movement (Slow)
  22. Tiao Shou – Circling Up (Slow/Fast)
  23. Ts’o Shan Yu Pi – Dodge To The Left, Evade To The Right (Slow/Fast Sweeps)
  24. T’an Ma Shih – Pat On Horse (Fast)
  25. Ying Hsiung Tu Li – Hero Stands On One Leg (Fast)
  26. T’eng Shen Fa – Jump Backward (Fast)
  27. Liao Chang – Raising Hand (Fast)
  28. Feng Huan Ch’ao – Phoenix Returns To Nest (Fast)
  29. Tai Chi Huan Yüan – Tai Chi Chuan Ending Movement
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