The Missoula Academy offers a complete course of study in Yang Style and Tung Family T’ai Chi Ch’uan. Learning these forms and partner exercises opens the gate. Diligent, correct practice of these forms is the path that can lead any dedicated student to mastery of the art.

Yang Style Slow Form

Hu Ling Tai Chi Gong

Tui Shou (Push hands)

Tung Family Slow Form

Tung Kuai Chuan (Fast Set)

Tung Family Set

Dui Lien 1 (Partners Form)

Dui Lien 2

Da Lu (4 Corners Pulling)

San Bu (Three Step Push Hands)

Tai Chi Dao 1 (Broadsword)

Tai Chi Dao 2

Tai Chi Jian (Straight Sword)

Basic Qigong (to enhance the immune system)

Ba Duan Jin (Eight Brocades of Silk)

Wu Dang Shen Dian Qigong

Zhang Zhuan (Standing Qigong)

Shuang Gunzi (Double Sticks)

Kai He (Hao Style Open/Close Tai Chi)

T’ai Chi Qiang (Tai Chi Lance)